Monday, October 25, 2010

Putting things by

 It's storming outside and I am sitting in a warm house reflecting on our first year of being in this home during the Autumn Season. It's so beautiful out here. I was telling the kids the other day that when we lived in town we weren't even aware of how beautiful fall was. There just wasn't enough trees together to show off the splendor of it like out here. 
Now we see the fall array of colors daily. My very favorite thing is to drive down the road with trees of all the colors all along the sides and leaves lining the road...ahhhh.

Part of this season for us is also preparing for the colder months...putting things by as they used to say back in the day.
As a single mama this can cause some anxiety as I am the only adult ensuring the safety and warmth of my children --along with them helping. God has shown over and over again that He is in this with me though.

This summer we brought our wood from a half hour away in the van...every Saturday morning. We sure are thankful we did now!

  (while we were still filling the woodshed)
We all know that even when a body is warm we still need to eat! We do and our animals do too...sooo, this year was our first year filling the barn up with hay. 
I love going out to the barn and smelling the hay!
 We have such great neighbors here. The other day one stopped by to tell us that there is a corn field to go picking in....we hopped in the van and were off! the first batch of blanching and freezing is done = 45 ears. There is still more to do and we blessed the neighbors with some too.I love being able to surprise others with unexpected gifts...even if it is a vegetable!
Putting things by sure is a lot of work, but what a pay off!


  1. Tess, thanks! Next fall we hope to have enough apples to have a harvest party at our house with friends :o)

  2. Lori, freezing it whole on the cob??? Would you like a tool that lets you take it off the cob after you blanch it and makes it fit a lot more in to a lot smaller sapce in the freezer? sure looks good though....

  3. Mom, yep on the cob :o)
    Corn on the Cob is a treat for us in the winter, but not all of it will be on the cob.

    I think there is probably a tool around here that takes it off of the cob. :o)
    Love you