Friday, December 16, 2016

A year?

Last post I was saying goodbye to our sweet dog Skipper. I kept meaning to journal and turn around and it's nearly been a year.

Time surely does fly my friends...I hope you are still here. ;) I bought a new phone that can log in here without issues and can take great photos without the hassle of tons of editing.

So much has happened on Freckled Farm this year and with lissilulu picking back up.

I designed a new bear who is named after a sweet little girl in my life : Mercy Bear.
Also a mermaid snugglie blanket, french press cozies and essential oil cases.

I'm so thankful for a creative outlet that also earns extra income for my family. The look on people's faces when they get their order is worth the time it takes to make it.

Thank you for following lissilulu on instagram and on Facebook.

Can't wait to come back to what I love. So here goes!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

goodbye sweet Skipper

Skipper came into our lives in late March of 2014. Sophie had been bugging and bugging me for months to let her get her own dog. Mostly she wanted a smallish girl dog.
She had saved up her money until she has around $70. It was almost her birthday so I gave in and we decided to visits PAWS.

She walked through all of the area where dogs came once a week for adoption day. Then the volunteer brought her to a cage of a Jack Russell. I immediately thought oh no, we don't want him.

The little guy sat right up and looked right into our hearts with those sweet brown eyes. Sophie decided that even though he is a boy that she would take him for a walk and see how he behaved. He was a sweetheart. The volunteer said that he had been raised by an elderly person who gave him up because he didn't get enough attention. He was 9 years old. That means we don't know how much longer he has.

Sophie chose Skipper for her own.

It was so weird driving home with this little dog in the back seat that felt like a stranger.

When we got home our yellow lab Daisy and Yorkiepoo Lily didnt know what to think. He felt like someone else's dog visiting for a long time. I don't remember when he started feeling like family, but he sure did become our family.

(1st day in his new home with his momma)

Almost two years passed by so quickly. I don't know when I forgot to remember that he wouldn't be with us a long time because of his age. He just became a part of our every day. His bark would greet us at the door when we came home. Actually, we could hear it from the second we opened our car door out in the driveway and could see him bouncing up again and again in the glass door.

He followed me from room to room. No matter if he just settled in and I got up already to check something in the kitchen, he was there. The time went too quickly with this sweet live-wired dog.

My heart broke in a way that hasn't happened with past loved animals when we took him to be put to sleep. All I can reason is that the other loved ones were ready and Skipper wasn't. Even though his legs didn't want to work anymore, his mind was fully alert. He was really one in a million boy.

I still expect to see him running alongside me in the grass as the edge of the road as I walk...or peeking around the door-frame from the dining room into the kitchen when I am cooking...I especially still miss his barking...for everything. Even make a small movement toward the pocket doors to go outside and he was ready.

Forever in our hearts Good Boy. We love you Skipper,