Monday, January 30, 2012


I am coming out of a couple years of being pushed and pulled in many different directions for the purchase of this home. The home is a blessing for sure, but I am just now realizing what the pressure has done to my body....the rushing, rushing for over a year. My adrenals, pancreas and thyroid are a mess and it has been a struggle to heal them. I am not going the traditional medicine route and I am not pointing fingers at anyone who does. We are all different and have different choices. I am going the holistic approach with foods and supplements and the WORD. I can't do anything worthwhile without knowing what God has to say about it and letting that knowledge carry me.

For the past several days my health has consumed me. In walking through it and trying to heal I also realized that my mind has been filled with needless worry. No more. I am retraining I tell ya. Retraining the mind. Joyce Meyer has a book called The battlefield of the mind. I am also reading a book for college that is called Willpower. Amazing how information from varied sources can point to the same thing.

I woke up singing rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice! And it was an extra treat that waking up also beside me was my sweet girl Sophie with that little cherub face to smooch on.

Thankful for today:
heat to warm my home
live music in many forms
4 people right here that readily give a smile, hug or quick wit
beautiful scenery out of every window
understanding people in my life

If you feel like life is spiraling out of control, take a moment and list some things you are thankful helps.

Monday, January 16, 2012


"Anxiety can wear anger’s mask. 
Fear of failing, of falling, of falling behind, it can make us fierce."
Ann Voskamp (blog)

Anxiety surrounds us doesn't it? Wherever we go we hear someone scolding a child, worrying about bills or a myriad of many other things.

It seems like society all across the globe has this one thing in common at this time. Crisis after crisis.

No one can seem to find the answer to the abate the fear. Or do they?

Fear...ever since the serious illnesses that I thought I would die from I have found that  to find thanksgiving ... to meet your fear head on and say "okay, even if that happens God is still God. I am just me, I don't have to carry the world on my shoulders. I find rest. Real rest.

This isn't to simplify life or fear at all. I know fear well. I also know that there is peace. Peace that passes all understanding.

Head over and read Ann's will be blessed.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

real freedom

we watched this video at GI (youth church) last night. Then this morning I watched another one on purity from this young man. what a gift for words.

Last night Hannah said "I thought religion is good." 
I said "well, the way people think of religion is a set of rules to follow to be accepted. We have a relationship...not a religion."

take a listen

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

warm community

You never know who will be there at any given time of the day....or night.

The warm spot in front of the woodstove.

Right in the walk-way into the kitchen.

all strewn out basking in the warmth.

the snuggling
oh, the snugging

hoping you are warm on this day and find some time for snuggling

Sunday, January 8, 2012

new bloggie banner

Soooooo, I made a new bloggie banner above on a whim while I was fighting the tummy bug. you know there is nothing of much a girl can do but sit around. nothing sounds good to eat, any physical stuff is too much and I was so tired of bed.

So I looked through old photos in my albums on here and found this one of birds this last spring in the eaves of the house before it was all remodeled.

While I was looking at it, I had the thought that there are 5 little bitty birdies up there and one looks like it is looking right at me before it flys.

I guess that one could be my sweet girl Tessa who just flew the nest right? xo
the other ones that are hanging about are my other little bitty birdies who are still at home.

What sweet little bitty birdies....

Hope you are having a splendiforous day wherever you are!


today my pastor talked about growth and that we grow the best surrounded by others. we encourage each other and challenge each other too. I am finding it is a bit uncomfortable letting others into areas that I havent let them in the past. BUT I am also finding out that once they are there it isnt so fact I like it.

Its quite the concept to not be alone ya know? allowing others in...

Friday, January 6, 2012

late night cooking

 You know those days when it seems like you just cant keep those kids full? They all seem to be growing all at once? Well, I think that is happening here. Sophie and Hannah are growing or they just wanted to cook. Since we dont have to be up at the traditional o'dark thirty to get to a school bus I let em cook was a late one and they will probably remember it for a long time.

Hannah chose pancakes...the girls loves pancakes and I just got a package of Bob's Gluten Free mix so she was eye-balling it.

 As you can see, we have no cupboard fronts, but we do have new countertops, sink, gooseneck faucet, dishwasher hooked up and stove where it should be. This girl is happy with the progress and I am planning on finishing up the extras with Aliss and Zack this coming month and show it off here to you. that was quite the rabbit trail.

Back to the cooking show. Hannah's pancakes turned out delish!

Chef Sophie chose to make spaghetti...I had more photos to show you of her cooking genius like Hannah's above but alas blogland fought with me in the arranging of the photos and I accidently hit a wrong button and voila! they are gone.

Take my word for it they were durned cute!
 (you know it is served up with half of it over the side...because thats the beauty of the child giving it)

spaghetti and pancakes that I didnt have to cook... yummy for me!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

kitchen dreaming

 Okay, I guess I am not ready to take a break on fix-it-up stuff. still daydreaming and seeing how creative I can get with things I already have or on a budget fabulousness. love visiting all of the creative women on the blogasphere who are doing that very thing. Making their houses a beautiful cozy place for their families and friends who visit.

Anyway, I wanted to share some inspiration photos that I saved. I am a naughty blogger though and cant for the life of me remember where I got, if you know please leave a comment and I will give credit where credit is due.

I am focusing on the kitchen right now mainly...with daydreaming still being collected for the other rooms.

 I have a wall of windows in my kitchen above the sink. On the right side of them is also a wall about the size of the one in this photo that has one long cupboard and then a short one. Like one that would go above a fridge.
I love this open shelving much better. It opens up the window area so much more visually. I plan on putting my white dishes and vases there. I think it will look so beautiful.

Cant wait!
the island....oh the island! I have a piece that is three cupboards together that the kids dad put wooden ball feet on a long time ago that we have used as a buffet. I love moving furniture pieces around and getting a new life out of them. It is now going to be an island.
Aliss, Zack and I are going to get some wood lengths  to make a new top. Probably wont look like one solid piece like in the photo. More like the country tables with the long lengths of wood.

We are going to get the wood brackets from Home Depot to support an overhand part for a couple of seats to sit at. Lots of gabbing always going on in our kitchen.

No sink for me though...dont need a second sink when a few steps away I have a full sized mudroom sink in the laundry room.


 I also want to do some sort of a shelf thingy on the end for my big potato bin. I am unsure if I will do the knobby legs even though I really love them on most things. I think it may be too busy, but maybe there will be some that arent as knobby as what is in my inspiration photo.

Love the basket of food savers and  basket for the lids right beside it. enough said. wink

are you still here? what do you think?
Have you been doing anything to your kitchen lately?


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

sometimes bullet points are the only thing that works

Sophie and Hannah have been battling a fierce head cold with the sore throat...lots of orange juice and grapefruit seed extract, throat lozenges, chicken soup and lovies going on

long distance and local loved ones going through much sorrow right now in losing loved ones..sending our love and prayers to them

getting ready to go back to college and needing to read a book in the next week to prepare. also excited to start on an independent study contract about food and the emotions, lives and systems that it touches. when you think about it food touches many areas of our lives

remodel is winding down and I am tired. considering if I want to start painting interior walls or just take a breathe and do the rest of life for a few weeks...not sure what yet. guess it depends on how crazy this week going back into homeschooling is. wink, wink

i have some crazy boy/man for a son. he had a friend Gabe out to stay over and stayed up all night (well until 6 the next morning) playing pool and xbox....sounds like they had a blast. then made spears from ski poles and a grinder the next day. it was hilarious to watch them. Gabe said they were returning to their basic roots. I believe it watching how they ran through the yard spearing things and  laughing crazily.

i am all about organizing....NEED some organization. starting out with a daily schedule...which changes with each day of the week depending on when i work. so far I am not on schedule today but I am still checking things off and am here blogging right? that is because of a list (wink)

anywho-ha....i am looking for more recipes that you have tried and are a winner for your family. since I am crockpotting it because of the lack of an oven until the 14th I would LOVE crockpot recipes. THANKS!

have a fantabulous day!

Monday, January 2, 2012


taken by Sophie

I have been reading so much on blogs and Facebook about resolutions. I think it has been many years since I have really done them. I guess basically all year long I am thinking of changes that I need to make and things to let go that it becoming a new year doesn't cause me to make those changes. 

I think the idea is great and it does bear weight. Especially if it has been a hard year and people need to turn a page and start fresh.
For me the hardest thing is realizing the calendar starts all over again when it feels like its still December. Does anyone else feel like this?

The official part of the remodel is done and we are getting our final inspection by the guy who did the preliminary one to tell us all that we had to fix to get the funding through USDA. Then the ladies from USDA (who really didnt want to fund the house in the first place) are walking through it after that and are excited to be doing so because of the changes. hmmmm...God does give favor doesnt he? ;o)
There is a weight lifted little by little as things like electric panel get updated and rotten bathroom flooring gets replaced....yet there is also the feeling of "ugh, I didnt realize this was such a mess!" and the cleaning that is taking place. 

All of it to make it our home though...OUR home.

I. love. that.

So if I were to make a New Year Resolution for 2012 I would say to continue making a home for my family...even the married couple who visit now. xo
AND to spend more time with that precious family doing fun things


Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012

 Starting out the New Year right! Hot cinnamon-y coffee topped with whip cream and sprinkles in Frosty's head....bliss.

Wishing you and yours the start of a marvelously family-filled, good food eaten, richer walk in God, more fun had, and much more year!