Friday, January 6, 2012

late night cooking

 You know those days when it seems like you just cant keep those kids full? They all seem to be growing all at once? Well, I think that is happening here. Sophie and Hannah are growing or they just wanted to cook. Since we dont have to be up at the traditional o'dark thirty to get to a school bus I let em cook was a late one and they will probably remember it for a long time.

Hannah chose pancakes...the girls loves pancakes and I just got a package of Bob's Gluten Free mix so she was eye-balling it.

 As you can see, we have no cupboard fronts, but we do have new countertops, sink, gooseneck faucet, dishwasher hooked up and stove where it should be. This girl is happy with the progress and I am planning on finishing up the extras with Aliss and Zack this coming month and show it off here to you. that was quite the rabbit trail.

Back to the cooking show. Hannah's pancakes turned out delish!

Chef Sophie chose to make spaghetti...I had more photos to show you of her cooking genius like Hannah's above but alas blogland fought with me in the arranging of the photos and I accidently hit a wrong button and voila! they are gone.

Take my word for it they were durned cute!
 (you know it is served up with half of it over the side...because thats the beauty of the child giving it)

spaghetti and pancakes that I didnt have to cook... yummy for me!


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