Monday, January 16, 2012


"Anxiety can wear anger’s mask. 
Fear of failing, of falling, of falling behind, it can make us fierce."
Ann Voskamp (blog)

Anxiety surrounds us doesn't it? Wherever we go we hear someone scolding a child, worrying about bills or a myriad of many other things.

It seems like society all across the globe has this one thing in common at this time. Crisis after crisis.

No one can seem to find the answer to the abate the fear. Or do they?

Fear...ever since the serious illnesses that I thought I would die from I have found that  to find thanksgiving ... to meet your fear head on and say "okay, even if that happens God is still God. I am just me, I don't have to carry the world on my shoulders. I find rest. Real rest.

This isn't to simplify life or fear at all. I know fear well. I also know that there is peace. Peace that passes all understanding.

Head over and read Ann's will be blessed.


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