Friday, September 21, 2012

comparing is a naughty word

I have a problem...when I don't check in here for a loooooong time I have too much on my mind to talk about. I could talk about learning more about the ph balance in our bodies and how it is soooo important. OR I could talk about how seriously in LOVE with my kids I am and how they are THE BEST kids on the planet Earth, but you already know that about me. ;o)

I settled on talking about something that I have been walking through much of my past 10 years...comparing. blech.

Even if we don't do it consciously, we do it. We compare ourselves to others. There is more than one way to "keep up with the Joneses". Is our house as clean, our abs as tight, our food as nutritious, our kids as ______(insert your phrase), our bank account as loaded, our marriage as strong, our brain as educated...the list can be endless....oh yeah our garden as, no. My garden sucked this year with a capital "S".

Even so....I am OKAY with that. Really okay. Because the bounty of my garden or the tightness of my abs DOES NOT dictate who I am...and if it does then I am hanging with the wrong set of people.
I am learning that I am not supposed to be perfect.

I am supposed to be real and try my best. That is all. So are you.

I think that there are two words to totally simplify it all....learn + enjoy.

learning from a moment instead of feeling like a failure because of it. HUGE.
enjoying something for what it is and not what we wanted it to be....equally huge.

That is all. I am reminding myself of these things daily. I do my best and when I have done that I am learning to enjoy it.

I hope the same for you.
Lori xo