Thursday, January 29, 2015

January Picnic

we had a fun girl's day in Olympia today. It was nice to get outta dodge and not have it be for the once-a-month mega grocery shopping trip.

I have to admit when my oldest daughter Tessa called me this morning and asked if I would like to take the drive with her I first said no. I dreamed about thinning out Day Lillies and Peonies today....dirt, dirt, dirt.

BUT i'm so glad I went. I love to spend time with my girls (we missed Aliss though) and the day was beautiful to do it. Tessa even put together an impromptu picnic by the water for us. Boy is she a sweetie xoxo

The Seagull on the lamp pole cracked me up...Just its eyes followed us like he was saying "don't mind me here, ya know just a bird being one with the pole."

Monday, January 26, 2015

Dreaming & Planning

the sun has been out the past two days. its hard to imagine my family in Alaska in -25 degree weather and my family in NY state anticipating 12 inches of snow. if i have to have huge windstorms and sideways pummeling rain over negative degrees and feet of snow i'll take it.

the above photos are some of the maaaaany i took last year in my overgrown garden. the chickens are in it now. they have made quick work of the individual garden beds...not much for me to do. i dont rototill. i like my mulch and fertilizers to stay put and not have to weed as much from turning seeds down into the soil.

i got my seed tin and box out this past week even before the golden globe of goodness graced us with its presence. so satisfying to see many baggies of heirloom seed that i have saved from the previous harvest.

i bounce back and forth between garden plotting and homeschool books while all tucked in at night with steaming mugs of peach/green tea. its a wonderful way to end the day.  i have been itching to actually start a notebook for gardening and notes about taking care of this land. i look forward to tax time to search one out with my refund along with ordering more heirloom seed.

for now thoughts of moving the chicken's fence line out of the garden and me getting in there and getting my hands dirty fill my head while i go about my day...i need to restructure my work, homeschool, daily chores to allow time. :)


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Farm Plans

2015 Farm Dreamin'

I think I am getting some sort of a stride for the seasons on the farm now that I have lived here five years. I can't believe it has been five years! The first couple we were surviving the move and the pace of life with 5 kids and a single momma going to college, working and homeschooling kids.

Now we are all a bit older..ahem! Everyone but me right? We have learned a bit and this year is all about living intentionally. It's hard work, but seeing the results that happen when some work is done has yielded amazing stuff how could I not work harder? BUT, we want smart working...that means making a plan and this girl looooooves lists. :)

Join me for some plannin'?

repair small henhouse roof & window
repair large henhouse floor & window
build new roosts in small henhouse
shovel floors and spread new chips
maaaaybe hatch another clutch of chicks...not sure with the run of roosters hatched lately

build 2 more pea structures
enlarge every bed by 1 foot
hug sophie every day--(Sophie hijacked)
build shade structure
build tool storage

find place for outdoor sink for rinsing produce
plant new bed
dig and plant bed along fence for flowers/strawberries in kids area
thin and transplant peonies & daylillies
plant marigold seed along rhododendrons
shovel plum tree suckers
fix riding mower and push mower--we need to mow all this grass!

find right size/replace bolt on barn door
organize milking/feeding room
shovel out smaller door on pasture side of barn
kiss sophie every day--(Sophie's hijack again)
clean area under walk through
blackberry bushes - enough said!

Build shelves under cabinets
Build cabinet doors
Sand & paint kitchen

phew! there's probably more, but I will add as I think of it.
What are your plans for your home this year?

Monday, January 12, 2015


When I was praying for my word for the year I felt activate was it.  
Of course questions it "consistent" because you know I need more of that in my life.
nope, clearly the word is activate.

I searched online to see if official definitions lined up with what I was feeling in my heart that God was saying.

  1. make (something) active or operative.

synonyms:operate, switch on, turn on, start (up), set going, trigger (off), set in motion, initiateactuateenergize;

Seems pretty close. God is activating me...I have learned a lot in many areas of practical-ness (yep thats a word) in my life, but have learned a TON more about God's timing.
This past few months my heart has been broken so many times for others. I can see how that would weave into being activated for others and helping to activate others.

I was looking up synonyms to try and understand more of what God was telling me. I found actuate which led me to motivate. I love what Hebrews says about that. :)

Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.

 I am excited to see how God brings the meaning of this word to come to pass in my and others lives. What do you feel is a new direction or maybe even a stronger emphasis on a direction that you are already on for this year?

Lori xo

Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas :: calm & bright

Aliss claimed her space before her siblings came downstairs :)

 I finally got Hannah and Sophie's stockings designed, embroidered and sewn! Ya know, they are only 12 and 15 years old lol! We started a tradition when the kids were all young that they each sit on a fleece blanket for Christmas present time. I think its sweet that they still do it by their own choice.

This Christmas there was another family member added...sweet little Fiona. She wasn't very old this year, but next year will be a year old. The making of the presents will be super fun!

I had fun creating some gifts for family and friends this year. Quilts, hair pretties, hoohoo's, tote bags, foxes. I will show them soon.

Hoping 2015 finds you full of hope and peace!
Lori xoxo