Monday, December 7, 2015

farm sparkles

i couldnt pass up taking my camera with me during morning chores to capture some of the sparkle. it was like being in a big glitter ball. my favorite place was the pasture (of course!) though...the grasses looked like waves in the ocean with white caps on them and the sun shown amber through them.

love the sound of crunching under my boots and seeing my breath in the air. dont love so much the breaking off of an ice layer in the chickens bucket and bringing in the rabbits water bottles to thaw every morning...but I can live with it. especially since i only have morning chores one week out of the month. so nice to have daughters home in the morning and i am loving it. i will have many years ahead of me that i do morning chores every day when the rest of my babies grow up and fly the nest.

hope you are enjoying this Christmas season.