Monday, May 6, 2013

my people

...those people sitting below whole world.
I am so blessed to have them, really. Life isn't a box of chocolates ;o)
BUT we have each other to talk it through, know someone is there and just be goofy with.
Yesterday at church I listened to a great Word preached. It was about unity. the crux of it is if we can really get that we can overcome anything.

-learn to forgive easier
-put others first...really, in the heart first and not just in action
-more gratitude
-s-l-o-w down....just that one there will fix a BUNCH of things. then we have time to be kinder and    really think about things instead of just snap judgements.

the sun has been glorious here...could be a big part of my optimism, but I like to think that God is getting an even tighter grip on my heart and I am filled with over-flowing grace. xoxo

Hope your day is full of good things!