Monday, October 31, 2011

the reason for my absence

i really havent been just being rude and vacant here. there has been so much going on. the exterior of the house is almost oldest daughter's wedding is 3 weeks away, school is progressing and life is in full swing.

:: i am tickled at how God is providing for Tessa and Elijah's wedding on November 19. I am also tickled at the community of people that are gathering around them to make their day so special.

:: the garden is coming to an end. some half ears of corn are being eaten by my family. corn stalks by the horse and steers.

:: some lingering green tomatoes here and there on the plants that havent already been thrown over the garden fence to the livestock or chickens.

:: we are in full swing of eggs now...we average about 9-11 a day. just right for my bunch.

:: the woodshed has seen the first delivery of winter wood. yep! we are behind, but i have faith that God will see to that aspect of taking care of our needs as well as He has everything else.

:: I am tickled that I found the big burnt orange velvet vintage covering that I found thrifting a few years back. just in time for some sewing for my girls wedding. her colors are burnt orange, teal and charcoal grey.

talk to you more soon! hope you are all snug as a bug in a rug! (who made up that saying? its really pretty gross!) hehe!