Friday, September 30, 2011

busy, busy, dreadfully busy.

tonight is the first class for me this school year. taking psychology and am really excited.

pulled out the pea plants from the garden this morning. threw them over the pasture fence to the steers and took the broccoli flowers to Joey the horse.

what is up with waking up at 6:30 for no reason? i better get a nap today because class doesnt get out til 9:30 tonight.

the new electric fuse panel went into the house yesterday. what a sigh of relief was exhaled.

Don and Donnie Miller are working full steam ahead on getting the exterior and support of this ole gal all up to par. Tessa helped me pick out the paint. it is called bee's wax from sherwin williams. you know i have been a home owner for over 20 years and am just now finally putting the paint i picked out on the house. different house but same dreams.

picked out new lighting for a few areas in the house too. one of my favorite purchases was the barn lighting style pendant from Home Depot.
it is going to hang over the bar in the game room (pool and darts). when i call it the pool room to people other than my family they assume it is a water style pool. i think it is too much to call it a billiards room. it is what it is.
this pendant will hang over the bar and when the majority of the work is done around here I will then start on the beautification putting a sheet of brushed metal on the top of the bar to match the light...i    cannot     wait!

i better get crackin around here...long day ahead.
have a good one!

Friday, September 23, 2011

being present

to be honest
I am struggling.

there are many hats that i am adjusting on top of my head and  trying not to let one or the other fall that i am feeling like a butterfly flitting from one flower to another and not really enjoying any one of them

starting today i am focusing on the moment i am in and trying not to think about one to come or one that has been.
i really need to feel connected and my mind is fighting it with all of the different aspects of my life right now. it feels like a wire sending out bursts of electric information at all times.

focus on the moment

focus        on           the         moment


ps i have been thinking about here a lot lately. i would really like to be a better friend and share more in this space. soon. thank you for visiting today

Monday, September 12, 2011


 the other morning I was looking at the hens and noticed that some of them had dark red combs. I said to them "girls, you have the red combs. where are your eggs?"

I hadn't even checked up until this point because by my calculations I thought they would be laying around Thanksgiving.

I thought I would check anyway and headed over to the hen-house.

Looky what I found! boy, was I excited to be getting eggs again.

the first eggs were 3/4 size and now we have reached full size. Sophie loves being able to go get the fresh eggs each morning. She knows which of the hens are the early layers too.

Tessa made me an omelet this morning from our eggs and filled with ham and tomatoes and broccoli from the satisfying!

love having some of the hard work pay off. xo

Friday, September 9, 2011


sitting here in a quiet house and wondering where the time goes. the saying is that it flies. well somebody give me a net so I can catch some of it back and let it go more slowly. we would all like that sort of net right? xo

One of my youngest babies is TWELVE today. twelve. sigh.

twelve is the age of change for sure in a little girl becoming a young lady.

for me it is a second stage of toddler-hood independence except on a bigger level. so much learning about yourself and stretching wings.

so much wing stretching in this house.

its good...really. I keep reminding myself that my job as the momma is to help the wings to stretch and enjoy the view.

my girl Hannah is no exception. she is a tough one and also so pure and feminine. i love the balance of those two characteristics in her. a true gem.

i am so proud to be known as her momma and will continue to be proud as she continues to grow.

she shares her birthday with her dad. i still remember the day when i came out of the O.B's office telling my momma who was visiting and Andy that the Dr. would induce tomorrow. Mom looked at me and said why dont you see if he can on Andy's birthday? I hadn't thought of that really. I just wanted to have this baby. so i waited two more days. pure torture...act of love. what a gift to her daddy.

her Bompa's birthday is the day after too. special time.

this morning we celebrate with the traditional breakfast in bed and presents. tonight she goes to her dad's house and she celebrates with him and all of her siblings, tomorrow we watch her first soccer game of the season and next weekend we have a big party for her with lots of friends and family.

Go get em!!
Love you more,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


boy it has been busy around here! the construction has started on the exterior. lots of wood being removed-all lap siding and skirting.

balancing between starting the schoolyear with the kids, working part time and helping with clean up from remodel.

i am tuckered out!

the excitement of a fresh start is fueling the fire though...we have a couple of changes that we are possibly going to be able to do in regards to a wrap around porch. weeeeeeeeeee! to be able to grab a cup of coffee in those early morning and watch my chickens in their yard...ahhhhh.

getting hay for the winter...thinking of a plan to get wood too.

thinking of the garden as we progress into fall. making an access point for the the chickens to scratch it up through the winter and fertilize it for me. oh the thingy in the  photo above....i love that stand. i want a few of them for peas....thinking since i dont weld though that mine may be made out of wood slats. improvision is the backbone of life!

hope all is well with you!
what have you been up to?