Wednesday, September 7, 2011


boy it has been busy around here! the construction has started on the exterior. lots of wood being removed-all lap siding and skirting.

balancing between starting the schoolyear with the kids, working part time and helping with clean up from remodel.

i am tuckered out!

the excitement of a fresh start is fueling the fire though...we have a couple of changes that we are possibly going to be able to do in regards to a wrap around porch. weeeeeeeeeee! to be able to grab a cup of coffee in those early morning and watch my chickens in their yard...ahhhhh.

getting hay for the winter...thinking of a plan to get wood too.

thinking of the garden as we progress into fall. making an access point for the the chickens to scratch it up through the winter and fertilize it for me. oh the thingy in the  photo above....i love that stand. i want a few of them for peas....thinking since i dont weld though that mine may be made out of wood slats. improvision is the backbone of life!

hope all is well with you!
what have you been up to?

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