Friday, August 26, 2011


 Have I told you that I am planning a wedding?

that my oldest baby is the one walking down the aisle?

that i know I will weep the whole time in joy and in sadness

that i am so happy with who God sent to be my new son

that i want it to be the most beautiful wedding that she has ever seen

that it is November 19 and that is coming closer and closer


  1. guess it getting close to changing your profile to 1 adult daughter and 2 teens and 2 preteens...time marches on (and over everything in its' way!!) Love you......Mom

  2. Looks like I will be back just in time to be there and see the glorious day!

  3. Mom,the profile says 5 kids...keeping it. LOL You know that whatever the age they are your kids.

    Marie, I sure hope you will be back in time for the special day! Cant wait to hear more about your trip. :o)