Tuesday, August 16, 2011


changed the header on here. i LOVE apple pictures. I didnt stage it, I just layed some apples in a pile on the grass. no rearranging and stuff. just point and shoot. i love how it turned out. there was a post last spring of apples and a photo of a pile of frozen decomposing apples and leaves the winter before. guess I realized something about myself eh?

 i have seen a few closets redone into book nooks on the  computer. i love that idea. part of what overwhelms me from moving is the amount of books that we have. well, to really keep things happening I used the book shelf as a shelf on the back porch for outdoor toys to be organized on. hmmmmm. SO in talking to God about where to start organizing my new home I felt the need to start with the pool(read pool table room not water pool) room closet. There was soooooooooo much stuff in there. Some the previous owners like lots of fishing equiptment that is now mine. We are moving that all in one spot til next spring when Zack can go through it for the summer fishing. Anyway! hehehe...I have it all cleared out and am making the shelving ready for books and closing up some areas that were open to the studs. if you are still reading through my musing then you get a badge for the best blog friend.

I will put some before and after up soon!

the garden is starting to grow more.
the steer are getting more grains.
the horse is settling into wearing his fly mask.
i wont see the dr for a long time with the apple a day saying and having 7 apple trees!

this morning when i was doing the outside chore circuit it felt like fall. all of a sudden. it is here...or on the verge. the feeling to get ready for the kids assignments. breakfast lists, chore lists, assignment lists....slow it down and finish the new library and get the books put away right? ;o)

do you see any signs of fall where you are?

hope you have a GREAT day!

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