Monday, August 8, 2011

Welcome to my garden

 this garden sure has been a labor of love. it started out as a dream like most things. BUT this one is coming true!

some of my classmates from The Evergreen State College, some of their family, and my children all came together and tilled the ground this spring, dug fence hole posts and laid the posts and strung the fencing. they also built the garden gate of my dreams.

at first I wasnt sure about painting it black, but I LOVE it so much. it gives it an European feel of which I really love.
  Come on in! 

 the previous owners of this home grew an abundance of every kind of Dahlia on the side of their garden. Oh they were so beautiful! With much love for Louie and Carol I am bringing them back to the farm. My heart cannot help but to swell with love for the example of love and much more that that they were for so many people every time I look at the Dahlia flower.
I can't wait to get more in their honor

 this year isn't the bumper crop of veggies (yet), but it is the start of something great! realizing dreams...
follow God's voice and it is amazing where He can lead you...
sometimes its the places that dreams are made of. :o)

Gerbera daisies that my future son-in-law gave me on Mother's Day 
 thanks for strolling through the garden with me. 
hope you enjoyed your visit!

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