Monday, July 25, 2011


as much as i would like to post regularly on here doesnt get it done.
this summer is kicking my hiney!

:: working the garden alone. planted it with helpers in mind, but lucky for them they are getting a summer and i am happy for them

:: working around 20 hours a week at work too

:: keeping up with when Sophie and Hannah go to their dads (because my babysitters are having fun)

:: eating the first red cherry tomato of the vine

:: planting carrots in the rows between the corn plants like my Great Grandfather did when my mom was a little girl and helped him in his garden~feels good to garden the heritage way!

:: listening to the rain outside after a nice HOT day yesterday-we here in Western Washington have been waiting for that heat :o)

:: getting my two teens who just got home from 5 weeks at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Alaska ready for a week away at camp starting tomorrow.

~Wishing you all days full of family and cheer!
Lori xo

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