Thursday, July 14, 2011

good work

sometimes life takes a different turn....well most of the time it does right?
I always knew I was a good listener. I have been told that since I was a child. I sure have been through enough bumps to understand so much that others are going through and empathize with them.

yesterday while supervising a visit the mom teared up. she said that she had been telling people about me and the guardian ad litem for her boys. that we are unlike anyone else who has ever been in her life.

if she hadnt voiced this i wouldn't have ever known. supervised visits are just that interaction. well, that's the way its supposed to be, but not for this girl. i work with a great group of girls that supervise the same way as I do. We interact...plain and simple.
if we dont get involved in the problem how will the problem get sorted out? if we cannot be an example...a real example how will those learn who have no clue?

she made me tear up later...down inside that woman is a little girl who doesnt know what to do and needs supportive people as she cuts ties to the way of life she has known her whole life.

i will be that support. i am honored to be that support..even in a small way. as children we cannot choose our life day-to-day, but as adults we sure can!

remember that a kind smile goes a long way!

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