Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our new home

We have embarked on a new adventure. We have moved after 18 years in our previous home. As a mother this has been a mixed bag of emotions. I have lived so much in every way in our last home, but have so much living to do in our new home. So many memories have been created in our last home and such a feeling of being a stranger in our new home.(Aliss took a goodbye photo in the back yard)

Our new home belonged to a dear friend who needed in home care. He went to live his own new adventure with my mom, step dad and nephew in Alaska. My mom is such a care taker that she has already gotten him cozy in his own room with all of the comforts that he needs, introduced him to the local senior center and his new doctor. Great job mom!

The kids are having many of the bitter-sweet emotions that I have. Leaving the only home that they have known while being excited about the new home.

The new home is on a loop of road where there are only around 10 other homes. A little community of its own. I think we are the youngest family here. The kids have already gotten invited to ride a neighbors horses. They were so excited!

Since we have been here we have been boxing up our dear friends things to have a sale in the spring. There are treasures being found everyday! Yesterday the closet in the pool/game room revealed a shuffleboard set. The kids loved it and played it in the long hallway that has wood floors.

We found a 11 foot Christmas Tree at the local grocery store and strapped it to the top of the van in the pouring rain. We ran rope through the inside of the van and out the windows and then closed up the windows to hold it on. It is absolutely gorgeous filled with our familiar ornaments from many Christmas's past.I am so happy to welcome you to this space and can't wait to share more with you about our new home on Melbourne Road and the many adventures ahead of us!

Lori xo