Monday, August 15, 2011


listening to two totally different sounding roosters crow. one is loud and strong and one sounds like a squeek toy...he is a banty (smaller version) and all I can do is laugh at the outrageous sound of his crow. we have to get our fun somewhere right? ;o)

watching my two youngest on a baking spree last night. Hannah made homemade chocolate cake with peanut-butter frosting and Sophie made pretzels. Both turned out fabulous! Aliss also made baked potatoes and while it is very sweet and they were delicious I don't go on about it because the world already knows her amazingness. hehe

harvested lettuce-some red leaf, lacy leaf and green. also some peas, cherry tomatoes, garlic bulbs, apples, spinach leaves and broccoli for a barter that I am so excited about. the boxes weren't very large this time, but I am looking forward to when I can wow em!

btw...the house is MINE! did I say that before? well, sorry, but that may crop up here in random spots for awhile now. :o)

been enjoying some crafty and homemaking blogs that I haven't visited in a while because of the amount of work around here this summer. felt like a know how it is visiting with an old friend after not seeing them for awhile.

mulled over the thought with some friends on Facebook about getting licensed as a home daycare so I can earn money at home for a season. not going to end up doing it as much as I would like because it would be just as financially inconsistent as the job I am in out of the home right now and so many hoops to jump through. I really dont need to add more hoops to my circus.

Joey the horse was brought back to the pasture. He has his first fly mask and doesnt quite like it. maybe it just takes time.

the steer are eating more sweet cob now. they still dont seem to pack on weight like i thought they would. they sure love the extra portions though. snicker~

well off to turn off the garden sprinkler, get ready for work and make me some jo.

hope you all have a GREAT day!

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