Monday, September 12, 2011


 the other morning I was looking at the hens and noticed that some of them had dark red combs. I said to them "girls, you have the red combs. where are your eggs?"

I hadn't even checked up until this point because by my calculations I thought they would be laying around Thanksgiving.

I thought I would check anyway and headed over to the hen-house.

Looky what I found! boy, was I excited to be getting eggs again.

the first eggs were 3/4 size and now we have reached full size. Sophie loves being able to go get the fresh eggs each morning. She knows which of the hens are the early layers too.

Tessa made me an omelet this morning from our eggs and filled with ham and tomatoes and broccoli from the satisfying!

love having some of the hard work pay off. xo

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