Friday, September 9, 2011


sitting here in a quiet house and wondering where the time goes. the saying is that it flies. well somebody give me a net so I can catch some of it back and let it go more slowly. we would all like that sort of net right? xo

One of my youngest babies is TWELVE today. twelve. sigh.

twelve is the age of change for sure in a little girl becoming a young lady.

for me it is a second stage of toddler-hood independence except on a bigger level. so much learning about yourself and stretching wings.

so much wing stretching in this house.

its good...really. I keep reminding myself that my job as the momma is to help the wings to stretch and enjoy the view.

my girl Hannah is no exception. she is a tough one and also so pure and feminine. i love the balance of those two characteristics in her. a true gem.

i am so proud to be known as her momma and will continue to be proud as she continues to grow.

she shares her birthday with her dad. i still remember the day when i came out of the O.B's office telling my momma who was visiting and Andy that the Dr. would induce tomorrow. Mom looked at me and said why dont you see if he can on Andy's birthday? I hadn't thought of that really. I just wanted to have this baby. so i waited two more days. pure torture...act of love. what a gift to her daddy.

her Bompa's birthday is the day after too. special time.

this morning we celebrate with the traditional breakfast in bed and presents. tonight she goes to her dad's house and she celebrates with him and all of her siblings, tomorrow we watch her first soccer game of the season and next weekend we have a big party for her with lots of friends and family.

Go get em!!
Love you more,

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