Monday, January 26, 2015

Dreaming & Planning

the sun has been out the past two days. its hard to imagine my family in Alaska in -25 degree weather and my family in NY state anticipating 12 inches of snow. if i have to have huge windstorms and sideways pummeling rain over negative degrees and feet of snow i'll take it.

the above photos are some of the maaaaany i took last year in my overgrown garden. the chickens are in it now. they have made quick work of the individual garden beds...not much for me to do. i dont rototill. i like my mulch and fertilizers to stay put and not have to weed as much from turning seeds down into the soil.

i got my seed tin and box out this past week even before the golden globe of goodness graced us with its presence. so satisfying to see many baggies of heirloom seed that i have saved from the previous harvest.

i bounce back and forth between garden plotting and homeschool books while all tucked in at night with steaming mugs of peach/green tea. its a wonderful way to end the day.  i have been itching to actually start a notebook for gardening and notes about taking care of this land. i look forward to tax time to search one out with my refund along with ordering more heirloom seed.

for now thoughts of moving the chicken's fence line out of the garden and me getting in there and getting my hands dirty fill my head while i go about my day...i need to restructure my work, homeschool, daily chores to allow time. :)


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