Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Farm Plans

2015 Farm Dreamin'

I think I am getting some sort of a stride for the seasons on the farm now that I have lived here five years. I can't believe it has been five years! The first couple we were surviving the move and the pace of life with 5 kids and a single momma going to college, working and homeschooling kids.

Now we are all a bit older..ahem! Everyone but me right? We have learned a bit and this year is all about living intentionally. It's hard work, but seeing the results that happen when some work is done has yielded amazing stuff how could I not work harder? BUT, we want smart working...that means making a plan and this girl looooooves lists. :)

Join me for some plannin'?

repair small henhouse roof & window
repair large henhouse floor & window
build new roosts in small henhouse
shovel floors and spread new chips
maaaaybe hatch another clutch of chicks...not sure with the run of roosters hatched lately

build 2 more pea structures
enlarge every bed by 1 foot
hug sophie every day--(Sophie hijacked)
build shade structure
build tool storage

find place for outdoor sink for rinsing produce
plant new bed
dig and plant bed along fence for flowers/strawberries in kids area
thin and transplant peonies & daylillies
plant marigold seed along rhododendrons
shovel plum tree suckers
fix riding mower and push mower--we need to mow all this grass!

find right size/replace bolt on barn door
organize milking/feeding room
shovel out smaller door on pasture side of barn
kiss sophie every day--(Sophie's hijack again)
clean area under walk through
blackberry bushes - enough said!

Build shelves under cabinets
Build cabinet doors
Sand & paint kitchen

phew! there's probably more, but I will add as I think of it.
What are your plans for your home this year?

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