Thursday, January 29, 2015

January Picnic

we had a fun girl's day in Olympia today. It was nice to get outta dodge and not have it be for the once-a-month mega grocery shopping trip.

I have to admit when my oldest daughter Tessa called me this morning and asked if I would like to take the drive with her I first said no. I dreamed about thinning out Day Lillies and Peonies today....dirt, dirt, dirt.

BUT i'm so glad I went. I love to spend time with my girls (we missed Aliss though) and the day was beautiful to do it. Tessa even put together an impromptu picnic by the water for us. Boy is she a sweetie xoxo

The Seagull on the lamp pole cracked me up...Just its eyes followed us like he was saying "don't mind me here, ya know just a bird being one with the pole."

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