Monday, January 2, 2012


taken by Sophie

I have been reading so much on blogs and Facebook about resolutions. I think it has been many years since I have really done them. I guess basically all year long I am thinking of changes that I need to make and things to let go that it becoming a new year doesn't cause me to make those changes. 

I think the idea is great and it does bear weight. Especially if it has been a hard year and people need to turn a page and start fresh.
For me the hardest thing is realizing the calendar starts all over again when it feels like its still December. Does anyone else feel like this?

The official part of the remodel is done and we are getting our final inspection by the guy who did the preliminary one to tell us all that we had to fix to get the funding through USDA. Then the ladies from USDA (who really didnt want to fund the house in the first place) are walking through it after that and are excited to be doing so because of the changes. hmmmm...God does give favor doesnt he? ;o)
There is a weight lifted little by little as things like electric panel get updated and rotten bathroom flooring gets replaced....yet there is also the feeling of "ugh, I didnt realize this was such a mess!" and the cleaning that is taking place. 

All of it to make it our home though...OUR home.

I. love. that.

So if I were to make a New Year Resolution for 2012 I would say to continue making a home for my family...even the married couple who visit now. xo
AND to spend more time with that precious family doing fun things


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