Thursday, January 5, 2012

kitchen dreaming

 Okay, I guess I am not ready to take a break on fix-it-up stuff. still daydreaming and seeing how creative I can get with things I already have or on a budget fabulousness. love visiting all of the creative women on the blogasphere who are doing that very thing. Making their houses a beautiful cozy place for their families and friends who visit.

Anyway, I wanted to share some inspiration photos that I saved. I am a naughty blogger though and cant for the life of me remember where I got, if you know please leave a comment and I will give credit where credit is due.

I am focusing on the kitchen right now mainly...with daydreaming still being collected for the other rooms.

 I have a wall of windows in my kitchen above the sink. On the right side of them is also a wall about the size of the one in this photo that has one long cupboard and then a short one. Like one that would go above a fridge.
I love this open shelving much better. It opens up the window area so much more visually. I plan on putting my white dishes and vases there. I think it will look so beautiful.

Cant wait!
the island....oh the island! I have a piece that is three cupboards together that the kids dad put wooden ball feet on a long time ago that we have used as a buffet. I love moving furniture pieces around and getting a new life out of them. It is now going to be an island.
Aliss, Zack and I are going to get some wood lengths  to make a new top. Probably wont look like one solid piece like in the photo. More like the country tables with the long lengths of wood.

We are going to get the wood brackets from Home Depot to support an overhand part for a couple of seats to sit at. Lots of gabbing always going on in our kitchen.

No sink for me though...dont need a second sink when a few steps away I have a full sized mudroom sink in the laundry room.


 I also want to do some sort of a shelf thingy on the end for my big potato bin. I am unsure if I will do the knobby legs even though I really love them on most things. I think it may be too busy, but maybe there will be some that arent as knobby as what is in my inspiration photo.

Love the basket of food savers and  basket for the lids right beside it. enough said. wink

are you still here? what do you think?
Have you been doing anything to your kitchen lately?


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