Tuesday, January 3, 2012

sometimes bullet points are the only thing that works

Sophie and Hannah have been battling a fierce head cold with the sore throat...lots of orange juice and grapefruit seed extract, throat lozenges, chicken soup and lovies going on

long distance and local loved ones going through much sorrow right now in losing loved ones..sending our love and prayers to them

getting ready to go back to college and needing to read a book in the next week to prepare. also excited to start on an independent study contract about food and the emotions, lives and systems that it touches. when you think about it food touches many areas of our lives

remodel is winding down and I am tired. considering if I want to start painting interior walls or just take a breathe and do the rest of life for a few weeks...not sure what yet. guess it depends on how crazy this week going back into homeschooling is. wink, wink

i have some crazy boy/man for a son. he had a friend Gabe out to stay over and stayed up all night (well until 6 the next morning) playing pool and xbox....sounds like they had a blast. then made spears from ski poles and a grinder the next day. it was hilarious to watch them. Gabe said they were returning to their basic roots. I believe it watching how they ran through the yard spearing things and  laughing crazily.

i am all about organizing....NEED some organization. starting out with a daily schedule...which changes with each day of the week depending on when i work. so far I am not on schedule today but I am still checking things off and am here blogging right? that is because of a list (wink)

anywho-ha....i am looking for more recipes that you have tried and are a winner for your family. since I am crockpotting it because of the lack of an oven until the 14th I would LOVE crockpot recipes. THANKS!

have a fantabulous day!


  1. I am vegetarian and make a lot of soups in the crockpot. I love split pea or lentil soups. I google recipes online or just throw beans, chopped veggies, water, and spices into the crock and let it cook all day. I think chili would be good for your family or some slow-cook stews, too :)There is this great website that I use all the time "365 Days of Crockpoting." Here's the link:

  2. Heliotrope,
    I got three large bags of beans now; two pinto and one kidney. yum! thanks for the reminder :o)