Sunday, January 8, 2012

new bloggie banner

Soooooo, I made a new bloggie banner above on a whim while I was fighting the tummy bug. you know there is nothing of much a girl can do but sit around. nothing sounds good to eat, any physical stuff is too much and I was so tired of bed.

So I looked through old photos in my albums on here and found this one of birds this last spring in the eaves of the house before it was all remodeled.

While I was looking at it, I had the thought that there are 5 little bitty birdies up there and one looks like it is looking right at me before it flys.

I guess that one could be my sweet girl Tessa who just flew the nest right? xo
the other ones that are hanging about are my other little bitty birdies who are still at home.

What sweet little bitty birdies....

Hope you are having a splendiforous day wherever you are!


today my pastor talked about growth and that we grow the best surrounded by others. we encourage each other and challenge each other too. I am finding it is a bit uncomfortable letting others into areas that I havent let them in the past. BUT I am also finding out that once they are there it isnt so fact I like it.

Its quite the concept to not be alone ya know? allowing others in...

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