Thursday, October 7, 2010


Yesterday I took Aliss and Sophie to their first lessons in voice and piano. Aliss is taking the voice lessons. For years I have loved to listen to her singing from her bedroom, especially when she sings along with Judy Garland..oh, then she melts my heart. I am excited to see what pleasure this brings her and to see where it leads her in singing.

Sophie is taking piano. I have to say that I teared up sitting there yesterday watching her first lesson. I took piano for a short time when I was around 6 years old and remember it very vividly. This is significant because many of my childhood memories are buried, yet memories of visiting my teacher's home, the smell of it, the beautifully polished furniture and oh(!) the m&m packages of candy when the lesson was over. As I sit here sharing this with you I am remembering the most important thing that I cherish though; something that was only mine. Such a sweet memory from my girlhood.

Back to the present; watching Sophie reacting in all of the ways a new student does. Wonder, frustration and excitement...fingers play what I am telling you to. What? You are telling me that I am going to count different for each different looking note? oh boy...

I have to say the thing that blesses me THE MOST is the teacher that God hand-picked for my girls to study under. Oh this mom is blessed, pleased and downright giddy at the thought of my children spending weekly time with her:

If you take a minute to head over to her link you will be blessed and I will go as far as to suggest that the days worries may even slip away as you listen to her play and sing...she is that good!


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