Wednesday, October 13, 2010

misty morning pasture

 My photos are back, my photos are back! A BIG thank you to the Blogger team for making it possible to share my world with you again through photos.

This is for all of you who are Pride & Prejudice fans

 is that you Mr. Darcy? sigh....

ummm, no...I guess not!

Just a little too beefy for Mr. Darcy I suppose

Black hair (ahem, fur), the right stagger when walking , but a little too wide and wet nose.
Surely not Mr. Darcy 


  1. So, I assume this beefy bovine isn't named Mr. Darcy. That's good, because he appears to be a lot more sociable than Austen's Mr. D!

    Looking forward to the clothesline photos.

  2. NanaBeast,
    This guy is named T-Bone by my mother (who bought him). He is very sociable and because of that and his extreme cuteness is probably the reason many people don't want to eat beef. ;o)

    Putting up the clothesline photos tomorrow.