Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Are you still here?

I really haven't meant to be so quiet. I have been trying and trying to upload photos to share here with you, but Blogger isn't working quite right...

I hope you understand and are still hanging out here at the farm with me. I walked around this morning when the dew was still covering spider webs and dripping off of the leaves from the apple trees. So much wandering around the farm and taking photo after photo. Pretty soon I had taken 70 in about a 15 minute period. I couldn't believe it.

Taking pictures gives me such happiness...kind of like when I just finish sewing a handbag and hold it out in front of me as a whole bag for the first time. 

such pleasure

There's nothing like making something with your own hands...or seeing something from your perspective and capturing it in a photo to share with others. I really hope that Blogger fixes it soon because I have some photos of the clothesline (yep, that's right...the clothesline!) that I am excited to show you. xo 

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