Tuesday, October 19, 2010

corn pickin'

Corn stalks as far as the eye can see! Yesterday when we were starting school we heard a knock at the front door and it was a neighbor stopping by to tell us of a farm that was allowing people to come pick sweet corn. We were right behind her!

The sad part of it all is that to pick the corn means that the farmers weren't able to sell the corn. Western Washington had a terribly cold and wet spring this year which caused a lot of hardship for farmers of many forms, peas, corn, etc. Many were granted federal aid because of the magnitude of it.

Most farmers turn it into silage for nearby cow farms, but this farmer thought of the ordinary Jo (or in our case-Joettes) and offered for families to come pick.

 The girls had A BLAST running through the corn field..
Sophie even found other treasures xo

 There was some creative corn storage fashions happening...
more free hands = more corn!

 We are up to our ears (wink,wink) in husking, blanching and freezing ears of corn. T-bone and Frank (the steer) are loving the very tips of the corn. Watching them chew on one reminds me of a kid with a bubblegum jaw breaker. very cute!


  1. Ah, HA! These pictures explain why some of my corn was squished at the base when we husked it! :)

  2. What terrific pix these are! Great memory book material :o)
    Looks like you all had a lovely and fun day!

    xoxox, Daffy

  3. Lisa, couldn't have been one of mine! ;o) None in my rear pocket! Hope the rest of the ear was tasty! :o)

    Daffy, we had so much fun! Work can be fun and there are pictures to prove it xo