Wednesday, October 13, 2010

dewy morning continued

 A couple of days ago I mentioned having clothespin photos. I love how the dew covers everything. Even though they are covered in spider webs I think they are beautiful. There job for the summer is done and now they are bedazzled. I just figured out how to use the setting on my camera that makes the foreground focus and the background fuzzy. I love photos that are taken this way.


My first experience with sharing my personal photos online was back when I first started selling things in my Etsy Shop. It was trying to figure out just how to lay something out and I quickly figured out that I LOVED having greenery in the background of my photos. At the time I was mostly making Giddy-Up skirts and had the bonus of my 2 little girls being the size to model them. Everything was vibrant and colorful and perfect layed out.
It has been a few years since I started shooting those first photos and life has had enough bumps and bruises in that time.  I have also learned that amidst the hardships and ugliness there is always beauty if we look for it.  

The apples above are so beautiful to me...glistening in the morning mist and unashamed to be seen even with all of the crackling and mis-shapen-ness (is that really a word?) of themselves.

This is how life is at times isn't it? We feel all crackled and deformed, but we must continue on just as the apple does with growing even in our present state. I am learning so much about times when I feel so broken and others are still seeing the beauty within...

We are a wonderful bunch to each other aren't we? Encouraging and loving each other even in the ugliness of it all...


  1. You are getting some great shots, Lori. I enjoy seeing the subjects through your eyes...

  2. Your blog is looking great Lori! I love the clothesline shots :o)

    And you are so right about the cracked and bruised apples-still beautiful :o)

    xoxoxo, Daff

  3. Tessa, thank you baby. Your perspective means a lot to me because of your photography talent and because you are my baby. :o)

    Mom, thank you for the camera to take the shots..I really am having fun and it is a great release to take photos and reduce the stress of the rest of life at the moment. ;o)

    Daffy, thank you for the compliment on my blog. It is coming along and starting to feel more homey. Bruised is still beautiful. I think I found the apples so beautiful because we hardly see them like that...when in the store they need to be perfect.


  4. I think your words are right on! And oh how I hope to keep them in my head for a while. I feel like my life is pretty easy, but sometimes my thoughts get me a bit bruised up and battered. I must remember to think more beautiful thoughts.

  5. Once Upon A Parent,
    I think that our thought life is soooo powerful and that can go either way as we know.

    It is most of the battle to think on the bright side of things when things are going awry..that is where good friends come in and can encourage us or the perfect song or scripture. :o)

    P.S. thanks for visiting and hope you visit again!