Wednesday, October 20, 2010

slowing down

 I love how when a person really takes a look around there is beauty everywhere. Sometimes it's old things not used see it sitting amidst the fall leaves and waiting for another child...this is what I mean by looking past the hurry. Taking a moment to be really present where we are right at this moment. 

We all know how fast the time goes by--days just slip by.
So because I care about you~ I will share with  you some slow-down photos just for you from around my farm.


 This beauty was the sole one of her kind. Isn't she gorgeous? 
Yes, I liken her to a her because of her delicateness. 
~ stripes . paper thin petals . frilly and pink tipped center ~

Hope you all enjoy your Wednesday. Are you breathing slower? If not---take a second dose :o)



  1. I try to live like this a big chunk of the time... makes me much happier and those around me much happier ;) Beautiful pictures! Excellent counsel!

  2. Kerri, it does make us much happier when we slow it down as much as we can. I am all for accomplishing things that need to be conquered BUT there needs to be a balance with calmness also(I don't get the literal calm living with 5 kids).

    having that calm inside even in a tumultuous environment!