Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cooking = Caring

Chocolate chip cookies and blackberry-cherry cobbler topped with creamy vanilla ice cream dripping down the sides....yummy. Now, I am hungry! Should have eaten breakfast before writing to you. hehe

I haven't baked twice in a week's time for-e-ver. It sure has felt good and good in the tummy too. It's funny that thinking about others is what brings out the baking girl in me. Not wanting the sweets (initially anyway), but wanting to show others how much I care. When my Dad and Debbie came out for the 4th of July a few years back for a visit from the east coast dad remarked about how he was so well fed. When my Mom and Everett came down from Alaska for my college graduation this past summer there was a lot of cooking and a special breakfast tray in bed.

When the kiddos are sick what do I do? Put the chicken in the pot and start the chicken soup. Sometimes I even get the chance to bless friends who are sick in this way, I think it blesses me more.

Baking a blackberry cobbler with fruit that my children and picked in our own pasture while talking and laughing this past summer is so satisfying. Baking cookies for people who have helped us when we couldn't help ourselves (flat tires and lawnmowers) is so satisfying. I think today we are making another blackberry cobbler...what are you cooking?

cooking = caring

here's a cookie for you too! xo


  1. I need the delivery service please....sure looks yummy...can almost smell them

  2. I wish I could deliver it to you mama :o)
    Love you!