Monday, October 18, 2010

keyboards, muscles and handbags

Good Monday morning! The weekend is over and the new one starts. Recently I blubbered about how wonderful it feels to my heart to watch Sophie take her first piano lesson. She really was a reluctant student...not for her teacher, but just in not thinking she needed lessons. Already knows everything that she will ever need to know to play the piano. Granted for an 8 year old she probably is right, BUT I think she  could find so much enjoyment out of it if she took lessons. So she humored her Mama.

 I know you must be noticing the absence of a piano. One of the wood and ivory variety instead of construction paper. Very thankful that I remembered that when I was a girl and taking lessons my mom made me a construction paper keyboard to use for has filled in the gap.

It is in the works for the real piano to be reunited with us though! We will be dancing the jig for certain when it enters this house. We have missed it since the move almost a year ago. It had to stay behind because of the lack of my being able to find help to move it. There really aren't people coming running when someone asks them to move an upright grand piano. So, Andy (the kids dad) went and got it for me and will be bringing it within the week. 

OH THE JOY there will be and endless practicing I am sure!

On a side note (chuckle, chuckle) I put these bags I made up on my Facebook page to sell over the weekend. Much interest, but no sales. Does anyone sell on Facebook or stick to Etsy or Artfire? I am thinking of adding them to my Etsy shop and having a weekly update here of new creations being added over there. What do you think?

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