Wednesday, June 1, 2011

around the farm :: out with the old

When we moved out to the farm we tore out several rooms worth of miserable stinkin carpet. It wasn't something that we wanted to revisit any time soon, and thankfully the remaining carpet wasn't as bad as the ones that we already tore out.
This time around it was a bit stinky, but manageable. BUT LOOK what's underneath! I have one more weekend of school and then it's game on with learning how to refinish these beautiful floors!

The girls were a GREAT help to me!

 rollerskating after hard work is a must :o)

I finally cleaned off my sewing desk after too many months to count of it being covered with everything anyone could lay on it.  I even finished up mending a pair of sweatpants that was promised three months ago...I know, I know amazing job for sure! So what does one do when they clear off the sewing table and haven't been able to be creative for far too long?
The start designing picnic quilts that's what! Of course!
I am going to make a few for my shop and one for my family. The greens and reds have me dreaming of strawberries and sunshine.

 The fabrics below remind me of an English Garden...I can't wait to see what it turns out like! 

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