Friday, June 3, 2011

I built a greenbean trellis

Since moving to the farm I have been soaking up all of the DIY shows on tv. Lately I have been blog surfing over to some A*M*A*Z*I*N*G women's blogs who build and refinish things....
ahhhhhhhh I love it! 
More knowledge :o) 
To see a need and do something about it...very empowering. I am hoping this next college year that I can take woodworking too and get to know my power tools better. My first project happened to be a trellis for the new garden. There were many stakes here from previous gardens so I used them and some 1x1's. I had picked up the Exterior black paint at the local Habitat for Humanity Store- $5 for around 2 gallons. So I figure my whole trellis cost me around TWO BUCKS.  Yay for me! and anyone else who will dine on the green beans.

 (my girl Tessa helping paint)

On days that just seem to flip flop every which way it gives me strength to look out to the garden and see something that I built. Seriously. I accomplished something that I can see with my own two eyes and isnt still in the stages of completion. Feels good!

Grow beans GROW! Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmm

Have you been building anything?

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