Monday, June 20, 2011

today is brought to you by the letter R

:: my nod to Sesame Street ::

R is for remembering
my girls last birthday breakfast-in-bed in our home. She will be married before next June rolls around.

R is for robot making 
these girls are crafting machines...they are the best re-purposers!

 R is for ring
Engagement ring! On my girl's finger....sigh. Where did the time go? I will introduce Elijah soon. I want to make sure I will use a photo that Tessa absolutely loves for this special introduction. It shouldn't be hard because she has a zillion of them together <3

In this photo she is cutting his hair for the first he will have a perfectly groomed head for the rest of his life from his love of his life.

 R is for radishes
the only produce that is ready in the garden! the neighbors are loving it though. My girls have so much fun growing things. I think though that reality of weeding is about ready to set in.
wink, wink

I hope you are having a lovely start to the new week!
xo Lori

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