Friday, June 10, 2011

day dreaming

day dreaming can cause excessive work, dontcha know?
The photo above is from my inspiration photos for what I want to do with my picnic table area. I want to landscape it in partially with plantings like day lilies, peonies and hydrangeas.

there is a pit there already that we could build the sides up with stones. I think what keeps me going is the day dreaming. Isn't that true? The Bible says man perishes with lack of vision. I find that so true, if I have to trudge through a day to day without dreaming and making plans for the future it would be sad.


I washed up the Tahoe to sell it and armoralled it and everything. Then I did some research on the gas mileage of minivans that can tow a small utility trailor and found out that they essentially get the same amount of mileage. So, at this point I am keeping my Tahoe and driving it with my head held high because it is clean! ha


Hannah made ice cream out of greek yogurt, strawberries and some of my caramel macchiato creamer. she left it in a food saver in the freezer overnight and scooped some up for her and Sophie for a treat this morning. You know...its yogurt so it can be breakfast, right? ;o)

It tastes just like ice cream...just not as easy to scoop. its more like a scrapey.


In other news-the house loan still may be going through. If it does you will for sure know because you will hear my squealing all the way to your house!


We have two graduation parties this weekend. Two sisters earned their Masters Degrees and a young man earned his High School Diploma. Yay! Should be fun to sit and relax with friends after all of the house drama and the end of schooling the kids for the year and the end of my quarter too. Just sitting and chatting with good friends.....yes.

Hope your weekend is a good one too!

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