Tuesday, June 7, 2011

in progress

   sometimes I wonder if every good thing is followed by something bad

we have been battling through and jumping so many hurdles since this past august to buy this house through the usda rural development loan that i feel like chopped burger honestly. now to find out that the amount that they have approved funding for and $92 thousand of rehab (of which over half of is unnecessary) is more than what i can pay.

so now what? we have been so hard at work on that avenue that i dont know what else to do. we need down payment assistance. do you know how many results come up for that in a google search? impossible.

don't get me wrong, i have done my time on the google searches trying to find a down payment assistance program. this is our home. there has to be a way.


college ended this past weekend for me.

there was a barbecue afterward that i stayed for a short time at. i dont know why i didnt stay longer other than i think drawn out goodbyes are really hard for me and i would rather get it over with.

i will miss my classmates after traveling almost a year'sworth of class and getting to know them. they are an amazing group of people who have overcame so much and want to help others to do the same.


the garden is starting to show some progress.

i found out from mom that seeing the red bulb of a radish isn't necessarily a good thing. cute but not good. back down in the dirt the bulb goes from a little helpful push of my thumb.


hope your week is going well!

ps. the english garden picnic quilt is coming along nicely...so very pretty!

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