Monday, June 13, 2011

two decades

two decades...

She has been with me that long.

pooh bear movies, snuggles, gardening bare foot, big eyes filled with wonder, mama's little helper

filled my days with wonderment and energy as a young girl

as a woman she fills them with friendship, memories of me at her age, her conversation, strength, compassion and laughter

to think of the years to come without her here brings tears,

they all said it would happen so quickly, but who where they to say?

they knew,


now as the seasons change for me and my girl

we see the fluttering of the wings to fly and i can transition with joy (and some tears) for my girl

twirling girl :: dancing woman

I love you so deeply my sweet Tessa and have spent your whole life making sure that you know that without a shadow of a doubt.

fly baby fly

the nest will always be here to visit wholeheartedly

to the moon and back,

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