Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monday morning on a Tuesday

My morning visit was canceled so work holds off until the afternoon visit. This opens up a morning that I thought was already filled with other things. So I contemplate what to do.

A chicken is in the stockpot for chicken and rice soup tonight. I guess I could shred cheese for the cheesy biscuits to accompany the soup to fill the tummies of my kids.

All of the animals outside and inside of the house have been fed: horse, steers, rabbits, chicks, dogs and cats. Now they lounge about.

I think about the garden and the progress that has been made there from a corner of the pasture to a European inspired vegetable garden. You know those things that you work really hard at and want to share them with others, but you think that even though it looks really good to you others may not think so and just wait a little longer to share it? this is one of those things....I am just about ready to share. I really can't wait.

I think about the addition of two more followers on the sidebar and it gives me a little butterfly flutter in my tummy that people like to come here and visit. Thank you for following. xo

I think about how busy life has been, but in a really satisfying way. In a get r done sort of way, a way that makes me feel very proud of the changes going on around this farm. some are still in progress and could become frustrating if I let them, but I won't.

Life is hard work right now. It is all around us. Soon we will reap the rewards tho....soon.

What projects are you working on?

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