Saturday, April 9, 2011


I like to think about what makes different families tick... What traditions do they have within their fold? It's amazing where some traditions come from. Some are from really lean times, but are carried through to better times. For instance in our family when I was a little girl we had a tree topper that was a cardboard star covered in tin foil. You and I both know the many choices for tree toppers out there now, but my children and I choose to have the cardboard star covered in tin foil still. Tradition.

This brings me to another tradition in our house. Birthday breakfast in bed. If you aren't here on the morn of your b-day then it is postponed. But no longer than a week..hehe
The birthday tray that was given by a friend years ago is filled with yummy foods and carried in with love and loud singing. The bed is filled with family waiting for the first bite to be taken and the smile to spread across the face and then the smiles spread across their faces too in satisfaction of a great birthday breakfast tray.

Today is my turn. I have requested fluffy scrambled eggs, toast cut in triangles(always tastes better that way dontcha know), greek yogurt with frozen blueberries in a glass sundae dish and caramel coffee.
I betcha I get all of it. with FIVE kiddos here wanting to show me how special I am to them just like we all do on their birthdays.

the simplest tradition, cant even remember how it was started, but it stuck.

What traditions do you do at your house? xo

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  1. That means its your birthday! Happy Birthday, Mama! Love and Blessings to you, Cyndy