Friday, April 1, 2011

Food Diary Friday :: Plum Cobbler

I have previously been writing "this moments" on Fridays. Now that I am noticing the amount of photos on my camera of food I had the idea of  hosting Food Diary Fridays.


We baked and baked this week I must have gained a few pounds this week....No better way to do it though. Cream pies (banana and chocolate), rhubarb chocolate cake and rhubarb cobbler.
We also baked up some fall apart ribs....mmmmmmmmm. Just to keep it healthy, protein ya know? ;o)

I am especially happy about the plum desserts though because the fruit was picked off the trees on our farm and put away by me. I know, I know they got bit by the ice, but they were still so good! I'm sorry I don't have  a recipe to share. It was bits and pieces of other recipes. The plum filling was fashioned after an apple pie filling and the topping was a cobbler topping with oats and cinnamon added in.

 If you have a favorite food "to share" from this week leave a link to your post in the comments below.

Happy weekend to you!

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