Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lovin those kids!

 Last year Easter just kind of rolled through without much fan-fare. This year there weren't trumpets or anything exciting like that, but no-one was sick, we all got to go to church, had an egg hunt, egg dying, and yummy food. Mostly large servings of cut up strawberries, bananas, grapes and apples with whip cream on them....we could't get enough! :o)
Then some of us snuggled into the couch and watched a movie...end of a great day together being thankful for the gift that Jesus gave us.

I sure LOVE spending time with these kids.

How was your weekend....I know I am a little late in asking. ~blush~

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    Thanks for the response on the L-Lyasine. Munchkin has been on that for over a year and I am not sure it even does anything. he is on Terbutaline now also (a bronchiodilator sp?) and since the weather got nicer and windows open he was really coughing again with a post nasal drip, so the vet has me giving him Zyrtek too! I HATE all these meds but only thing that helps. I feel so helpless! I also have him on fish oil, the only thing she would tell me I can do. i really wanted to get him on another vitamin besides the Lyasine and Fish oil bc I have NO idea what the deal is. he got testing done, all negative. So prob allergies and a little asthma.