Monday, April 11, 2011


Life can get to the place where we find ourselves catching up instead of choosing. you know? Distractions whether they are good or bad can steal the time away from things we had intentions of doing. For me this is sewing...I need to get some picnic blankets and clothes pin sacks made for my shop! I have stared longingly toward my sewing desk for at least TWO months now. I have other things in my day with my kids that I would like to do I need to free up some time somewhere.

Many things have distracted me. Like I said above, some good and some bad and some in between like Facebook. I love keeping in touch. And as a single parent with my plate (and two more) filled with agenda all day it serves a great purpose for me to keep in touch and not get isolated for lack of time to play. BUT I have let it take over other places in my time. So this week I start timing myself and getting off after a specific time period. I am excited about this recognition because this means there really is time in my day for other things. Chit-chatting is good, but for a specific time. ;o)

:: Today I will ::

*spray down our huge array of seed starts with Sophie and Hannah.
We planted half a pool table full...really. hehe

*move tree limbs with Zack from our plum tree pruning and possibly prune the other large plum tree

*read my book in college and write my assignments out

*eat another of the homemade gluten free carrot cupcakes that Tessa made for my birthday this weekend

*read books with Hannah and Sophie snuggled up between them

and I don't know what else...
I am SURE that it will fill in quickly...looking out the window right now it looks like a family walk with be in order if the weather continues

What are you choosing to do today?

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  1. Purposefully! That is my word for this "saeson" amd one I am trying to teach my "Young Mama's Life Group"!!

    *Take the daycare Littles outside for a walk and play (while I soak up some sunshine and thank Jesus for every gift along the way)

    *Make lasagna for a mama recovering from surgery and for my family, as well.

    *Wash GrandBabyGirl diapers (this feeds my soul)

    *Work on taxes.