Wednesday, September 22, 2010

thinking of ::

 This morning my mind filled with all sorts of thoughts...feels like someone has the remote controller and they just keep switching channels. Probably because there are soooo many things to think about all at once~

* A dear friend is a grandmother for the first time..what a new beginning of a whole different kind! Congratulations Lu!

* We are nearing the end of buying this home, but uncertain if it will come under the fiscal year cut-off of Sept 30...if not we are in Congress's timeframe for releasing USDA loan monies.

* We have started a new avenue with our homeschooling and are under the supervision of a charter school. There are many emotions involved with this. ..frustration and at the same time excitement.

* This is the first day of fall! Cooler mornings and evenings, fall colors, soups for dinner, soccer games...ahhhhh.

thinking a big hot cup of caramel-cinnamon coffee and watching a Beth Moore Bible Study online may help this brain of mine to quit flipping through the channels this morning...
off I go!

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  1. I went to visit Louie and took him out for a walk after he finished supper and took a few pictures to post of him and the scenery where he lives. Fall is here in Alaska, yellow leaves falling and fireweed is going to seed...I am so proud of all the progress you and kids are making in so many directions.