Thursday, September 16, 2010

the future

:: { Daydreaming } ::

removing 1 tree
rolling back pasture fencing between 2 posts
fencing in the corner of pasture

putting in an english style garden around the edges of new garden
medallion garden in the center
mixing in perennials and seasonal produce
creating an arbor to walk under in new opening

:: { Daydreaming } ::

As we are heading into winter I find myself wrapping up outside projects that are still in the works in anticipation to move onto indoor projects in the colder winter months. The projects that haven't come to fruition now become daydreams for next summer....I love daydreaming in the winter.

How about you? Have anything you will be daydreaming about until the next season?


  1. I have always liked fall and wrapping up summer projects as I get ready to settle in for Winter.

  2. I love the plans you have Lori, and pray they all come to fruition and meet your expectations:o)

  3. crazythoughts, there is a transition as we go into fall isn't there? I love the thought of mugs of soup, thick sweaters and a toasty woodstove.

    Princess Daffy, thank you xoxo

  4. I am just so happy for you and the kids that you were able to get this beautiful farm and big house and that you are exploring and enjoying all its potential and possibilities.

  5. Barb! How exciting to see you here and chat. :o)
    Thank you for all the good wishes!