Monday, September 6, 2010

summer :: trimming progress

This has been a summer of tremendous physical very well worth it. I am so blessed to be living in this beautiful home. It is a work of love to be trimming the same bushes and caring for the same lawn as the previous owners Lewis & Carol. I am honored to be cleaning up the past neglect from when Lewis couldn't care for it anymore and making things fresh again.

I only hope it will shine as it once did, but differently for my family. The many rhododendrons, fruit trees, and grape arbor are getting tended to with loving care. In the spring this home is so colorful with just about every color of rhodie that there is....I feel like I am living in a state park.

So blessed...

You know the best thing after working hard is a treat right? Use up tons of calories working and drink them back up in a yummy coffee ;o)

I love caramel coffee with cinnamon and whip do you like yours?


  1. it is all coming together so fantastically.........beautiful, looks scrumpdillicious...can you deliver and linger?

  2. thanks Mama...would love to linger :o)

  3. wow- what a lovely new house you have! your kids must love being in the countryside. thanks for saying hi- all the best with your new place!